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I'm Rowan, a freelance copyeditor, hockey fan, and avid reader. Obsessed with: dogs, chocolate, potato chips, and helping authors get their books ready for publishing.

My favourite pastime is getting lost in a book. I have a knack for quickly picking out inconsistencies and noticing errors others don't see. I am drawn to using this ability to help authors with their novels.

Attention to detail is my superpower, and my clients love me for it!

Bringing Peace of Mind to

authors and online content creators in search of clean and polished writing.

Professional copyediting services are an investment to ensure your novel or your business's online content is accurate, correct, consistent, and complete.

Check out what some authors had to say about my services!

Novel - Memoir

Excellent Work! I was amazed at how many corrections Rowan made to my manuscript. I had many mistakes that I would never notice. There were several punctuation habits I had that must be out-dated. When I wasn't sure I just followed her choices, because I'm sure she knew better. She went beyond what I expected uncovering confusions and inconsistencies. I thank her for her hard work.

-Jim Morris, Author of Thoughts of a Reformed Computer Scientist

Novel - Fiction

Rowan completed the project within the specified dates and her attention to detail was truly amazing. The manuscript that came back to me was polished, and professional.

Not only did Rowan provide me with an exceptional service, and great value for money, she taught me about the copyediting process, created a style sheet, and I came out more educated as a result. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to Rowan who is need of copyediting services. Her work ethic and attention to detail is incredible. I can’t wait to work with her on my next project

- Valerie Laycock, Author

Book Proposal - Nonfiction

"Rowan is so helpful. She is such a brilliant editor! She pointed out things in my writing that needed editing that I would never have thought of. Editing is definitely Rowan's calling, and I recommend her to anyone writing ANYTHING!"

-Jaime Bronstein, Author of MAN*ifesting

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