DID YOU KNOW? Revision is 80% of the work involved in writing a book.

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After all those rewrites and revisions, it’s easy to miss spelling and grammar errors and all the nitty-gritty details style guides call for. Don’t overlook copyediting services and lose trust and credibility with embarrassing mistakes after you’ve spent hundreds of hours on your book!

After all, it’s much easier to market a refined, polished, and well-edited book than it is an unedited one full of errors and inconsistencies.

Check out some of my top tips for a clean and polished manuscript. Get expert copyediting tips straight to your inbox with my free format and consistency checklists.

What My Clients Are Saying

My clients put their hearts and souls into their books. I can feel the passion behind their words, and it makes me work hard to deliver polished content for them. I want this success for them. I want their books out in the world!

Jim Morris


Excellent Work! I was amazed at how many corrections Rowan made to my manuscript. I had many mistakes that I would never notice. There were several punctuation habits I had that must be out-dated. When I wasn't sure I just followed her choices, because I'm sure she knew better. She went beyond what I expected for proofreading, uncovering confusions and inconsistencies.

Richelle Gist


Rowan was a delight to work with! We connected on a personal level right away, and I found her charming and engaging. Her eagle eye caught oversights that never would have occurred to me, including the rules of capitalizing foods and wine. Rowan is sharp and precise, and I definitely will be hiring her for my next project!

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